Monday, 26 May 2014


I was having a little snoop through my jewellery bag yesterday so thought I would share with you guys also! This isn't the entire collection, but a bag of all my grab and go pieces that I'm most likely to wear from day to day. The bag I hold everything in is meant to be a makeup/wash bag but its far too beautiful for that! I adore the screen printed air balloon design, you can buy it from their online store Chase & Wonder. They have lots of other beautiful stuff too, check out their stationary section, gorgeous! (sucker for stationary) 
Ok, so quite a few pieces are gifts from my mum's beautiful shop, Botanic, situated in a quaint village called Wye in Kent. The gold dragon fly necklace was one of my first pieces from Botanic, it looks beautiful on the skin with its very delicate chain and stunning blue stones. But the most important piece in my collection is the red bangle. The photo unfortunately isn't doing it much justice. It is a carved Beijing red lacquer wear bangle. In 1982, when my mum was 18 and celebrating her first wage packet she went shopping in liberty's with my dad. They were putting on a big display of Beijing lacquer wear and she absolutely loved it, so purchased this red bangle costing her £5 at the time. Me and my older sister loved this red bangle growing up, the sound it makes when you have it on against other bracelets and bangles was amazing. My mums original one was handed down to my sister, and now I have one practically identical that my incredible mum has been searching for, for years. I will be sure to treasure it forever! 

Listed pieces from left to right: 

1. LINKS charm bracelet, including 11 charms. 1 for every important moment in my life, and still room for more!
2. GLOVER AND SMITH heart and pearl drop earings
3. 3 RINGS - various places 
4. GLOVER AND SMITH starfish necklace 
5. LESLEY NASON ceramic tree necklace 
6. ZARA costume jewellery necklace
7. Beijing lacquer red bangle
8. OLIVER BONAS gold and glass bezel drop earrings
9. BLUEBIRD BOUTIQUE dragon fly necklace

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