Wednesday, 28 May 2014


This will be my first vintage find post! It is very doubtful that there will be many as I'm not a dedicated vintage collector at all! However, I couldn't resist this beauty. It dates back to the 1930's/40's and has a stunning Egyptian embossed print all over it. Egyptian pattern was very fashionable in the 1930's/40's and this bag would have been used as a party/evening wear bag! I have all these romantic thoughts and stories in my head about this bags past! Glamorous women dancing all night, sipping and probably spilling a few gin martinis and kissing a very handsome man...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Moodboard for a little mini project I'm working on. Loving the theme and colours that are starting to develop!


I was having a little snoop through my jewellery bag yesterday so thought I would share with you guys also! This isn't the entire collection, but a bag of all my grab and go pieces that I'm most likely to wear from day to day. The bag I hold everything in is meant to be a makeup/wash bag but its far too beautiful for that! I adore the screen printed air balloon design, you can buy it from their online store Chase & Wonder. They have lots of other beautiful stuff too, check out their stationary section, gorgeous! (sucker for stationary) 
Ok, so quite a few pieces are gifts from my mum's beautiful shop, Botanic, situated in a quaint village called Wye in Kent. The gold dragon fly necklace was one of my first pieces from Botanic, it looks beautiful on the skin with its very delicate chain and stunning blue stones. But the most important piece in my collection is the red bangle. The photo unfortunately isn't doing it much justice. It is a carved Beijing red lacquer wear bangle. In 1982, when my mum was 18 and celebrating her first wage packet she went shopping in liberty's with my dad. They were putting on a big display of Beijing lacquer wear and she absolutely loved it, so purchased this red bangle costing her £5 at the time. Me and my older sister loved this red bangle growing up, the sound it makes when you have it on against other bracelets and bangles was amazing. My mums original one was handed down to my sister, and now I have one practically identical that my incredible mum has been searching for, for years. I will be sure to treasure it forever! 

Listed pieces from left to right: 

1. LINKS charm bracelet, including 11 charms. 1 for every important moment in my life, and still room for more!
2. GLOVER AND SMITH heart and pearl drop earings
3. 3 RINGS - various places 
4. GLOVER AND SMITH starfish necklace 
5. LESLEY NASON ceramic tree necklace 
6. ZARA costume jewellery necklace
7. Beijing lacquer red bangle
8. OLIVER BONAS gold and glass bezel drop earrings
9. BLUEBIRD BOUTIQUE dragon fly necklace

Sunday, 25 May 2014


SS14 is all about what you reveal and what you keep hidden. Lace, chiffon and even knitwear was all used on the runway for an offering of what lies beneath. Seductive and flirtatious while preserving modesty.
 SS14 brings with it the spirit of adventure. Idealized versions of destination-found pieces for the well-traveled and the exotic dreamer.

3. '80s REVIVAL 
Once considered the decade that style forgot, designers have made it a come back! The trick is to wear just one piece, keeping the rest of your look contemporary to avoid costume dressing.

The rule is simple this season: any color goes, so long as it shines. 

 Soft lines, fluid silhouettes and neutral shades lead spring’s sensuous new mood. 

This sophisticated style endures yet again for spring. Cinched in waists, and pencil skirts falling below the knee.

Who doesn't want to wear sportswear as fashion wear!? yes, we now can have comfort and fashion in one outfit! 

Pistachio, rose, lemon, lavender... Not flavors of delicious macaroons, but pastel shades becoming spring/summers coolest shades.

 Bold color clashing, oversized shapes and silhouettes, plus striking gold jewelry combine for a graphic journey through time and place, and one of the season’s most exciting moods.

Designers have now decided more is definitely more!


 Liberty's  in-house accessories collection has just debuted its own ad campaign, and how amazing is it! Designed by creative team, Colville-Walker and photographed by Qui Yang. The campaign feature bags and accessories dangling from Nelsons column and parts of the Liberty building. The Agencies creative director said he wanted to "build a colourful and abstract journey through the city" and was inspired partly by a liberty's 1950's brochure showing scarves wrapped around a drawing of nelsons column (see below).
I wish I could be rushing out to buy one of these bags but I may have to settle for just a luggage tag! What brilliant art direction and photography! I'm in awe!


Yes people, that once loved fluffy handbag is back! I am obsessed with these beauties from River Island. Spotted on Rosie Fortescue's Instagram. I definitely need them in every colour way!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Barnett Jewellery by Bridget & Kate Barnett!

LOVE the new collection by the Bridgett Sisters. Their creations are always so bold and unique. I attended a guest lecture with them last year and was so inspired by everything they have done, such talented girlies! and so sweet!